Seller Information

Seller Information

When you work with Jaime and Greg Malik Real Estate Group, you aren't working with just one Realtor, you are working with an entire team. Our team shares one common purpose and that is serving you, our client. 

When you Sell with Jaime and Greg Malik RE Group, you will receive:

  • High Quality Professional Photography Regardless of your Price Point
  • Dedicated Marketing Specialist focused solely on marketing, advertising and selling your home at the highest price and in the shortest amount of time. 
  • Weekly Phone/Text/Email updates sharing with you changes in market conditions and showing activity. You will never miss a chance to be heard and will also know exactly when you will be hearing from us each week. 
  • Print/Web/Social Media Marketing
  • 7 Days a Week of Listing Services. Your listing specialist is dedicated to selling your home.


What you should know before you begin your search:

  • All of our listings are updated daily!
  • More Accurate than Zillow!
  • Search all available listings, regardless of the listing company, from one location!
  • Customize your searches!
  • Create an account, save your favorites and check back later!
  • When you find a home you like, simply click "Schedule a Showing" and Jaime will gladly assist you 7 days a week!

PRICE is the #1 most important factor in the sale of your home…. in addition to choosing the right Realtor!

You DO NOT control market value….

There is no regulatory agency on home prices-the law of supply and demand reigns supreme.

However, professional appraisers, real estate agents and mortgage lenders all use the  most recent selling prices of similar properties…in a similar location…and in similar condition…to determine a home’s fair market value.

The result is an “appraisal” of your home’s value-a professional opinion based on reliable market data. Called a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), this market-data approach is considered the most accurate of all available tools and is the basis of all lending criteria- the “facts of record” upon which mortgage loans are based.

You DO control asking price…

Naming the asking price sets the home seller process in motion.

YOU choose the asking price.

The asking price you choose will largely determine the response you receive in the marketplace.

Only a buyer willing to put money in your pocket can tell you what your home is actually WORTH.

To choose the asking price that will best serve your selling goals, you must:

    • Have a realistic idea of your home’s fair market value
    • Know the market trend of your local real estate market
    • Consider the season of the year
    • Evaluate the aspects of your home that add to or subtract from its value
    • Realize that “NEED” never determines “VALUE”

With this information in hand, you can then choose one pricing strategy if a quick sale is important to you and another pricing strategy if making as much as you can is most important.


“Working together, I will help you make very strategic, yet simple, pricing decisions that are just right for your specific needs and objectives. Working together, we will get your home sold faster, with less stress and for top dollar!” - Jaime Silveira